n Hack Cheat and Castleville Tricks 2012

Hack Cheat and Castleville Tricks 2012

Posted by Marck Zugerberg | 3:07 PM

Master Cheat Castleville
The anticipation is growing for Zynga’s newest game named Castleville. Are you a Farmville, Petville, or Mafia Wars fan? Seems like most everyone is anymore. Castleville will feed your need for addicting internet games.

“Create your own happy ending” is the tag line of the much anticipated game. Who doesn’t want to do that? An escape of the everyday is the source of the overwhelming success of these on-line games. Creating a fairy tale land with medieval knights, and managing your growing empire and castle, will be sure to amuse the masses for hours on end. Haven’t you dreamed of being a King or Queen? Castleville has interesting characters, great music and graphics, and more options, bonus’ and

Castleville tricks

than any of Zynga’s previous games. So far, we have met two characters’: George the Miner, Rafael the rugged Woodsman and Tom the retired Knight. I saw a person who describes the game as Shrek meet Rupunzle

Castleville tricks

Facebook page is requesting likes in exchange for Castleville tricks. Castleville tricks will be releasing the most current information on their Facebook page regularly. If you are interested in keeping on top of the latest info, cheats, and tricks, it is suggested that you contribute to the “one million” likes campaign they have going on. Like it, share it or post it on your wall. It will be of great benefit you once the game is released.

Get the best castle ever!
Where are these Castleville Tricks? Castleville tricks seem to be a lot of talk and no action at this point. There can’t exactly be Castleville tricks, before there is an actual Castleville game. The actual date of release hasn’t been announced yet. Castleville tricks will be released to you as soon as they become available they say. When visiting Castville tricks Facebook page, give them a like, then visit the Castleville happiness meter and choose a charity that you would like Zynga to support. This action will earn you “gifts” to use in your Castleville game play. Visiting and Sharing Castelville tricks Facebook page will earn you free items that you will be able to use once the game is released.

Castleville is a game that encompasses all your favorite Zynga games in one. There are animals to tend too, crops to water and a village of people to watch. It seems like strategy will be the key to succeeding in Castleville. Sword fights, beasts to conquer and a Happy Ending created by you! Sign me up.

The best thing for you to do at this point is to watch and wait. Stay in the know and earn as many credits and gifts as you can through Castleville tricks Facebook page and hope the game itself is released soon. I’ve been preparing my whole life to be a Queen, and manage my minions in my own fairytale land. Hope there is a handsome prince waiting at my castle when I get there! I guess I will soon find out. I gave Castleville tricks my “like” today. I am ready when you are! Master Cheat Castleville