n Castleville Tips and Trick Februaty 2012

Castleville Tips and Trick Februaty 2012

Posted by Marck Zugerberg | 3:08 PM

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Did you find yourself enjoying all of the Facebook games that Zynga had to offer? If so, then you’ll be thrilled to know about their 4th official Facebook game called castleville. Not only is it more entertaining than any other Facebook games but the developers assure you that it is more advanced graphically and will pave the way for future Facebook games. It’s one of the most exciting games that you can play on Facebook and right now I’m going to give you some

Castleville tips

on some of the things that you can expect from the new Castleville.

Get excited, because now you’ll be able to build your own mazes, castles and more. When you get done creating a masterpiece, show your castle to all of your friends on Facebook as well as build secret potions and armor. You can even visit some of your friend’s towns and trade or barter with them. As you follow the storyline and the characters, you will unleash new characters. The key is to look for

Castleville tips

in the storyline that will help you do this. There will be a lot of hidden hints throughout your entire journey, so be sure to keep your eyes open.

More Castleville tips include being able to protect your town from the angry beasts that lurk outside of the town’s walls. If you haven’t already heard, this new Castleville game is extremely detailed with some of the best characters. Some of the characters that you can expect to be in the game is the cupcake slayer, the gold digger, George the teddy bear, Yvette the lovely maiden and so many more. You’ll be surprised to see all of the new characters that will be unleashed in this game. There are other Castleville tips that you should expect in this colorful game Castleville.

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The storyline is a fun fantasy that is more personalized and features a soundtrack with a 75 person orchestra. Can you believe it? Oh and it delivers a lot of the traditional animation that you love and it’s more focused on exploring. There are so many great rewards to building your own castles that it’s almost unbelievable. Because there is no definite date of release when it comes to Castleville, you should go on their Facebook page and like the game so that you can get a free gift for your kingdom when the game is released.

As a part of these Castleville tips you should like the page anyway. Why? Because after they reach 5 million likes, they will be donating to Direct Relief International, Save the Children and Water.org. All of these groups work hard to make sure that we get safe drinking water all over the world, saving lives, contributing during disasters all over the world, repairing injuries and making sure that children all over the United States are able to get the proper nutrition needed as well as a quality education. So, not only will you be supporting the new game that is coming soon, but you’ll also be doing your part in the world wide fight of struggle. Master Cheat Castleville