n Cheat How to level up fast on Castleville 2012

Cheat How to level up fast on Castleville 2012

Posted by Marck Zugerberg | 7:25 PM

Master Cheat Castleville
Hey there! Having a hard time leveling on Castleville? If you are new to it and doesn’t have any idea of the Castleville cheats available on the web then you will certainly have a difficult time leveling fast on this game especially since energy is the name of this game and huge amount of it takes too darn long to acquire. But worry not, simply download our Castleville cheat bot, guides, and tutorials to get tons of energy, coins and in-game items all for free! Download Cheats <— click to visit download page.

So now that you have download our Castleville cheats and you now have tons of energy on your account, use them all to level up fast! Go! Get going! After an hour of feeding your animals, chopping down all the tress on your kingdom and planting the fastest growing plants, you still have tons of energy and you don’t know where to use it to help you level up fast. Bummer right? Well here’s the solution to that.

What you need:

THOUSANDS OF ENERGY ( download our bot and tutorial – HERE)

MOUSE AUTOCLICKER – download now


So let’s say you now have tons of energy. What we need to do now is use them up quickly to level up fast. To do this, we need to purchase a PRACTICE DUMMY on the in-game store and place it on our kingdom. Next download and install the mouse autoclicker. Follow the setup on the image below.
After you setup the auto clicker, do not start it yet. Open Castleville. Go beside your Practice Dummy. Start the auto clicker by pressing CTRL+F2 on your keyboard. Click on the practice dummy. Be sure that it is the only thing that you click after pressing the ctrl+f2 on your keyboard. The program will then continue clicking on the practice dummy every 5 seconds. The duration will depend on how much you entered on the “Stop Options” on the autoclicker software
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Master Cheat Castleville