n castleville free energy 04-02-2012

castleville free energy 04-02-2012

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Master Cheat Castleville
CastleVille Energy Cheats January 2012. Energy is imperative in Castleville, just like any other facebook games, energy is needed for mining, fishing, collecting taxes, feeding animals, chopping trees, fighting gloom beasties and any activities that you will be doing in Facebook. This also implies that you should use your energy well and wise or else you may lose energy at the middle of a quest or a fight with beasties. Energy also limits you in playing CastleVille, this post will give you an idea on how to use it well so you can enjoy playing CastleVille.

When you begin playing CastleVille, you have 10 energies that you can use to get started at your quests. You can find your energy level at the top right side of your game screen. It has a thunder-icon, you may be familiar with the icon since it’s generally used for most facebook games. And you may notice the timer below it that says, “More in: 05:00” that means, you will increase your energy after 5 minutes.

So we got 1 tip in getting energy – waiting. Every 5 minutes, your energy level is increasing by 1, but you can’t just wait right? And note that it won’t increase forever, like if you wait for 100 hours to get 1,200 energy – NO! Because you have energy limit for each level, let say you’re level 1, your energy bar limit is 10, even if you wait for 10 days, you will only get 10 energy, because your energy limit is full. There are times that even if your energy limit is full, you can still get higher energy. This is what we want to know, you will notice that the energy bar color is changing from white to yellow
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Master Cheat Castleville