n castleville 1250 Gold Brick 2 Febuary 2012

castleville 1250 Gold Brick 2 Febuary 2012

Posted by Marck Zugerberg | 2:12 PM

Master Cheat Castleville
Update for free items 25Gold Bricks Links (1250 GOld Bricks). Grab them all faster before expired or empty, because these items have limitation. Good luck.
Note: We will keep updating everyday, so keep attention!
Note: When you meet any of these kinds of cases below, Energy may doesn't added to your energy pool! so good luck!
Bug from CV
You're to late / All Claimed
Already Expired
Sorry, all rewards have been claimed
Whoa, friend! You've reached the collection limit for now. Try again later.
Note: 25 Links x 50 Gold Bricks Each link = 1250 Gold Bricks
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Master Cheat Castleville